Selecting the perfect scuba diving vessel is crucial for the success of your underwater adventure. Crafted with divers in focus, this boat include key elements such as equipment storage, convenient access points, and vital safety gear. Join us as we walk you through our scuba diving boat for an experience that is secure, cozy, and unforgettable — minus any unnecessary frills.


The heart of a diver’s marine escapade, Odyssea is meticulously designed with specialized amenities to enhance a safe and seamless diving journey, 

  • efficient entry and exit points designed for ease, featuring portside and starboard side platforms and dual ladder systems for convenient transitions in and out of the water.
  • ample gear storage including cylinder racks and designated spaces to stow equipment securely and maintain a clutter-free deck.
  • essential safety gear like dive flags, safety buoys, oxygen first aid kits, and navigation aids to ensure diver tranquility beneath the surface.

For relaxing surface intervals, amenities such as freshwater shower, comfort rooms, and mini resto-bar provide a refreshing retreat.


While the ocean’s sway offers tranquility to many, for some, it may trigger the unwelcome effects of seasickness. Combatting this discomfort requires proactive measures such as medication, hydration, and strategic positioning on board.

Consider the following strategies to ward off seasickness during dives:

  • Proactively use over-the-counter remedies like dizitab and/or bonamine
  • Opt for lighter meals before diving
  • Position yourself in the boat’s central or stern area to retain balance
  • Fixate on the horizon to deter feelings of queasiness

Implementing these tactics can enhance your diving experience by minimizing the risk of seasickness.


Committing to conscientious diving protocols represents an alliance with the ocean and its inhabitants. This entails refraining from interacting with or feeding marine creatures, upholding neutral buoyancy, and treating equipment delicately to prevent harm to the fragile seabed.

Divers are urged to utilize reef-friendly sunscreen for personal sun protection, all the while respecting and safeguarding the underwater ecosystem.